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About KTC


Kachin Theological College (Kutkai) is located in Block (5), Kutkai, Northern Shan state, Myanmar. The school campus is naturally blessed having 41.639 acres wide of mini forest.


It was American Baptist Mission that sent Christian missionaries to do mission work among the Kachin peoples. The decision was made by the Rhode Island Mission Board of America on May 5, 1877. The first American missionaries who, on February 13, 1878, arrived in Bhamo, the second largest town in Kachin State, were Rev. Albert J. Lyon and his wife. After a month of his arrival, Rev. Lyon passed away due to his illness with a fever.

Therefore, the American Missionary Board of Directors sent a pastor from Illonois, William Henry Roberts and his wife again. Being accompanied by Karen evangelists, Maw Keh and Shwe Gyaw from Yangon to Bhamo, this second Couple, Mr. and Mrs. Roberts reached Bhamo on January 12, 1879. Rev. Roberts went to Kachin villages, preaching and witnessing the salvation works to the Kachins. Many Kachins started believing in Christianity. Mrs. Roberts laid down her life within a year and a half of her arrival, though her husband pioneered among the Kachins for nearly forty years. Three years after the arrival, on March 19, 1882 at the village of Bum Wa at the creek of Nam Mauk stream, Rev. Roberts baptized the very first seven Kachin elders. There were many Karens both males and females performing missionary duties along with American missionaries in Kachinland.

Rev. Roberts started inventing Kachin literature by using Burmese alphabets and even he and his Kachin pupils translated the gospel according to Matthew. However, he found out that the Burmese alphabets did not fit in with the Kachin lingual and vocal writing and never conceived of himself as a translator. He repeatedly asked the Mission to recruit a scholar for this important work. Ola Hanson arrived in Yangon to begin such work in 1890. He employed Roman alphabets in introducing Kachin literature and the translation of the Holy Bible in Kachin language. He also compiled a Kachin-English Dictionary. After the innovation of Kachin literature (1895), gospels and hymnals were also translated into Kachin. At the celebration of 50th Golden Jubilee of the Kachin Baptist convention, on March 27, 1927 in Bhamo, on behalf of the Kachin Baptist Convention, Rev. Damau Naw received the Kachin Bible presented by Dr. Ola Hanson.

By the mandate of Kachin Baptist Convention Meeting in 1930, the three Kachin elders, namely: Maran Robin from Myitkyina, Lahpai Zau Tu from Bhamo and Labya De from Northern Shan State were sent to the Convention meeting of Board of American Baptist Mission Headquartered in Yangon, to request for the formation of Bible School for the Kachin Church. As a result, the request was taken into consideration. Tracing back to 1901, Ola Hanson introduced Bible classes for Kachin and Karen evangelists in Myitkyina, Bhamo and Nam Kham. In the same year, another American Missionary, Rev. Gustaf A. Sword also formed a Bible class in Nam Hkam. However, the actual formation of regular Bible School for Kachin Church could be materialized only on September 7, 1932 in Bhamo, Kachinland. It started running with nine students in the first year and offered layman course. Rev. George J. Geis, a former retired missionary served as the First principal of the Bible School.

 After two years, the Bible school was transferred to Kutkai, Northern Shan State and officially renamed as Kachin Bible School (KBS) that offered two year course. The classes were interrupted during 1942-1945 of World War II and resumed in 1946. Due to political situation, a decision to form another Bible School in Kachinland was made at triennial meeting of Kachin Baptist Convention (KBC) in 1963. In the end of 1966, the second Bible School was established on a large piece of land at Nawng Nang, Myitkyina, Kachinland. It is currently known as Kachin Theological College and Seminary (KTCS). The Bible School in Kutkai was also carried on as the High School Level Bible Training Centre administered by Shan State Baptist Association of KBC and reopened on May 15, 1967 with 34 enrollments under the leadership of Rev. Lahpai Zaw Yaw. This time, the school started to offer three year course.

As a decision of combining two schools under one Board of Trustees was made in1993, Kachin Theological College, Kutkai had been the Affiliated School of Kachin Theological College, Nawng Nang from 1997 to 2008. In March 2008, at the Diamond Jubilee of Kachin Theological College, the Convention made of decision that the Bible School in Kutkai should be under her own Board of Trustees. Since then, the college has become one of the self-standing Theological Colleges of Kachin Baptist Convention which is composed of 18 Associations with over 300 churches and 400,000 members (KBC – KACHIN BAPTIST CONVENTION (kbckachin.org)). In recognition of its leadership in the promotion of quality theological education, Awards for Accreditation Status from December 2018 to November 2023 to the Bachelor of Theological Program was given on the 29th March 2019 at Central Philippine University, Jaro, Iloilo City, Philippines, by Association for Theological Education in Southeast Asia (ATESEA). KTC Sunday is fixed to annually celebrate in the second week of September.

Founders and Principals


KTC is a leading Christian University with its academic excellence and commitment to a center of holistic transformative education which is rooted in the wisdom of God.


KTC is a nurturing ground and creating learning environment for students in holistic development who are creative, critical and compassionate to make an affective contribution to the church and society in a dynamic environment.

Core values

Upgrading Programs and Accreditation Process

1932-1934: Layman Course (Bhamo, Kachinland)

1934-1941: Two Year Course (Kutkai, Northern Shan State)

1942-1945: Second World War (interruption)

1966-1967: Three Year Diploma Course started (supervised by Shan State Baptist Association of KBC)

1974-1975: The school was renamed as “Theological Seminary”.

1993-2007: Branch school of KTCS (Nawng Nang)

1997-1998: Licentiate in Theology Program Started

2001-2002: Lay man course dismissed

2006-2007: Bachelor of Theology Program  

2007-2008: Became Self Standing College of KBC

2008-2009: Member School of BATEM

2010-2011: Member School of ATEM

2012-2013: Bachelor of Ministry Program started

2014-2015: Diploma in Church Music

2015-2016: Member of ATESEA

2016-2017: Agriculture and Livestock Program

2017-2018: Certificate of English Language program started

2018-2019: ATESEA Awards for Accreditation Status received

2020-2021: Master of Divinity Program

2021-2022: Master of Ministry Program (Kachin)

2022-2023: Certificate in Christian Religious Education

                    Early Childhood Care and Development School

                    Certificate in Computer Application

                    Diploma in English Language


Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees is the supervising body of the college ensuring that the college’s academic and administrative leadership are guided by sound policies and practices and equipped with adequate resources to further KTC’s mission. Board of Trustees holds a meeting twice an academic year at least. Board of Trustees consists of the following people:


Rev. Dr. Hkangda Brang Ja

Chairperson (Lashio Kachin Baptist Chruch, SGZ)


Rev. Hkangma Brang Mai

Vice Chairperson (Bum San Kachin Baptist Church, MGZ)


Rev. Dr. Lahtaw Zau Awng

Secretary (President, KTC)


Saranum Maran Nang Seng

Saranum Maran Nang Seng


Rev. Lahpai Tu Ja

Academic Dean KTC


Sr. Maran Hkun Naw

Treasurer (KJH, KGZ)


Rev. Maran Zau Bawk

Registrar (KTC)


Rev. Maji Yaw Gyi

Rev. Maji Yaw Gyi


Sara Dawshi Zau Awn

Construction Director (KTC)